Conservation biology; Effects of anthropogenic disturbance on wildlife populations with particular focus on mesocarnivores; Integrating multidisciplinary techniques to enhance field-based research questions.



    PhD         Ecology and Evo­lutionary Biology, University of California, Los Angeles, California, 2014

    BS             Zoology, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, 2003



    05/2017 – present          

    Coyote Valley bobcat (Lynx rufus) and gray fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) habitat connectivity project coordinator.          

    10/2014 – present

    Urban Caracal Project Coordinator, Cape Town, South Africa 

    01/2015 – present          

    Postdoctoral scholar. Exploring the behavioral and genetic response of caracal (Caracal  caracal) to urbanization.  Collaboration between University of  Cape Town (J. O’Riain & J. Bishop), University of California, Santa Cruz (C.Wilmers), Cape Leopard Trust (South African nonprofit), University of California, Los Angeles (R.Wayne). Other stakeholders: South Africa National Parks and City of Cape Town



    2007 – 2010            National Science Foundation Graduate Student Fellowship, $40,500/year

    2007                        EPA Star 3-Year Graduate Student Fellowship; Offer Declined, $37,000/year

    2008 – 2013            Annual UCLA Research and Fellowship Awards, Total >$20,000

    2008 – 2014            Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society Research Grants, Total >$10,000

    2008                        California Mediterranean Research Learning Center Fellowship, $1,200

    2010                        Pfizer Corporate Sponsership

    2010, 2012               Panthera Small Cat Research Awards, Total $14,320

    2010, 2012               Summerlee Foundation Research Grants, $30,000

    2011, 2014                Friends of Griffith Park Research Grants, $3,600

    2012 – 2013             G2 Gallery (Venice, California) Dedicated Gift, $6,000

    2012 – 2015             Gottlieb Scholarships, Total $5,500

    2013                        ConGen, Advances in Conservation Genomics Workshop Student Scholarship

    2013                        Second Place– best student presentation. TWS, The Western Section Conference, Sacramento, California.

    2015 – 2016            Claude Leon Foundation (South Africa) Postdoctoral Researcher Fellowship, $23,500/year

    2015, 2016              University of Cape Town, URC Postdoctoral Researcher Fellowships, $13,000/year

    2015                        Woolworth’s Corporate Sponsorship

    2015, 2016              Joan St. Ledger Lindbergh Charitable Trust Grant, $11,000

    2015, 2016              > $25,000 private donations solicited via public outreach efforts, annually

    2015                        Nominated by South African National Parks as an “unsung hero of conservation in Africa”, highlighted in Africa Geographic Magazine

    2016                        “Experiment” Crowd-funding Campaign and Competition­, awarded first place for most donors accrued, $7,5000



    Websites and social media founder and content creation


    Interviews: Newspapers, magazines, websites, nationally syndicated radio, and podcast.

    • The Los Angeles Times
    • BBC
    • NPR
    • National Geographic
    • Sappi Nature Program (South Africa live syndicated radio)
    • etc.

    G2 Photography Gallery Emerging Environmentalist Collaborator- 2012

    Invited Speaker – more than 50 public talks



    Vice President and Newsletter Committee. Wild Felid Research and Management Association.

    Board Member & Communications Officer. TWS Urban Wildlife Working Group.  

    Symposium organizer and mediator. “Urbanization as a driver of change in wildlife.” TWS, 2013

    Expert witness: Los Angeles City Council Hearing (04/2014) to review policy regarding pesticides

    Consultant to the City of Cape Town, South Africa, and South African National Parks, on wildlife management issues and implementation

    Mentorship. 12 master’s student; 15 Undergraduates/recent graduates; 2 high school students; >40 field assistants; >20 laboratory assistants

    Journal referee: Journal of Wildlife Diseases, Molecular Ecology, Journal of African Zoology